I enjoy both creative and scholarly writing. Currently I am working on a novel and a series of fairy tales; my fiction is sometimes realist, but more often fabulist. I also write about tutor education for my day job. Below is a list of my publications and other related writing projects. Please contact me at Kristina.Aikens@gmail.com if you would like to talk about these or other projects!


“Undertow.” (flash memoir) Tahoma Literary Review. Issue 9. Spring 2017.


“Alice in Adaptation-Land: How wanderer Alice became warrior Alice, and why.” Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture. Issue 48 (The Make Believe Issue): Fall 2010.


Prioritizing Antiracism in Writing Tutor Education.” How We Teach Writing Tutors: A WLN Digital Edited Collection. Johnson, Karen G., and Ted Roggenbuck, editors. 2019.

“Writing Tutor Development Through Peer Mentoring.” Academic Exchange Quarterly 17.4 (Winter 2013). 34-39. (Republished in the Spring 2015 AEX Sound Instruction Book Writing Center Theory and Practice.) 

“Battling Addictions in Dracula.” Gothic Studies 11.2 (Nov 2009): 41-51.

“The Daughter’s Desire in Dombey and Son.” Critical Survey 17.2 (2005): 77-91.


I wrote a four-part blog series called “Victorian Women on Drugs” for Points: The Blog  of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society in 2012. The first post is about Queen Victoria and the challenges of verifying personal histories of drug use.

Personal blog: Bibliocurio


I wrote original film synopses for the Independent Film Festival Boston for nine years (2005 – 2013). If you’re an independent filmmaker having trouble writing a synopsis for your film, I might be able to help you (Kristina.Aikens@gmail.com).


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